Graham Rios - Male Home Wrecker

Photo of Graham Rios
Photo of Graham Rios

Graham Rios had a months-long affair with my wife which started in the workplace. Rios profiled and targeted my wife as a narcissistic supply and proceeded to groom her using classic scumbag tactics, knowing full well that she was married. What made it even more satisfying for him was doing it right under my nose as I sat across the hallway. Rios did his best to sabotage and destroy a marriage as a way of inflating his ego. After my wife confessed and the affair was exposed to management, HR found written records and emails from my wife asking him repeatedly to leave her alone, which he would not do. He was then presumably paid to leave the company in a "layoff payoff". This shit stain walks around thinking that he is better than the rest of humanity and will point to his current "job" as "board member at CTA Group" as proof of his benevolence and status as a "giver". He touts his board position at a company who's goal is to provide "solutions to ending poverty and homelessness" only as a validation of himself and so others will admire him. My wife and I have had a lifetime of fallout over this and my wife seeing clearly now considers it the biggest regret of her life.

Open letter to Graham Tyler Rios from the husband of the married woman you had an affair with

First off, I believe that there is a high likelihood that you are a full blown sociopath, or at the very least very high up on the narcissistic spectrum. You will undoubtedly get off on seeing this because it feeds your ego to know that you had such an effect on your victims. Regardless of what you think, I hope this page is found by anyone considering hiring you or getting into any sort of relationship with you as a warning.

Do you know how many hours my wife and I have spent trying to figure out how she was able to do something so far against her values? How many therapists we've been to, both as a couple and as individuals? Do you have any idea how difficult it's been for me to reconcile with my wife over her affair with you? The trauma of having your spouse deceive and betray you is second only to a few things that I can think of, but as a narcissist, you can't empathize.

We're still married, you slimy piece of shit. My wife considers her disgusting affair with you to be the biggest regret and mistake of her life. She's happy with the way her life has turned out (with one exception ever meeting you), and couldn't care less about you.

I accept that my wife is also to blame for enabling the affair to happen because at that time she was naive, insecure, and had poor awareness of boundaries. In other words, the perfect target for a scumbag like yourself. From almost day one, you were the lead instigator. Sitting right next to her made her an easy target for you. You had 8 hours a day to work with. You flirted with her and warmed her up day by day, in preparation for phase 2 which was to start asking inappropriate personal questions and gain private information about our marriage. You used that knowledge to cast yourself in the role of a "white-knight" rescuer, along with making her feel sorry for you. You twisted the fact that I was actively involved in a sport to somehow mean that I didn't love or care about my wife. Utter and complete nonsense. People have hobbies and sports they enjoy doing all the time and sometimes it can take them away from their partner. I was gone less than many happily married people who have jobs taht require travel or have other interests. In a healthy relationship, both should be secure enough to be OK with their significant other doing things independently that bring them satisfaction and joy. If anyone in our relationshio at that time was the fucked up and selfish one, it was my wife for using my own interests as an excuse to get involved with a shit-bag dispensing ego kibbles. You twisted the narrative around in order to get her to rationalize letting you fuck her. You are a piece of shit. Fuck you.

You groomed her for months using generic, scumbag flatteries such as "Your husband is so lucky", and "I wish I had a girlfriend like you". You adopted her own humor style and mannerisms to make yourself seem like the perfect match. You used love bombing in order to manipulate her. You used premature disclosure in order to make her feel close to you and "entrusted" with special information. All of these are classic pick-up artist tactics. You then moved to phase 3 and waited for the right time where my wife had nowhere to go in order to make your first move while she was boxed in against a window seat on a business flight that the company had paid for. You waited until she was trapped in an elevator alone to put your disgusting mouth on her and then tried to fuck her in your hotel room. All this done unexpectedly and quickly so that she never had time to think about the lifelong ramifications of her actions. You fucking held her arms down the first time you had sex with her and then used her shame and fear to get her to keep quiet. You encouraged her to commit adultery, deceive, and betray her husband. You were the instigator of it and you knew she was married the whole time. She had a ring on her finger. I fucking sat across the hall from you. I shook your hand. Did you even stop to think about what might happen to you if I found out? Of course you weren't concerned about that because you believe yourself to be superior. It was part of the sick thrill you got out of it. Driving over to our house, wanting to fuck my wife in our own bed and not taking no for an answer. Fucking my wife on our couch IN OUR APARTMENT after she repeatedly told you that you needed to leave. All so that you could get a sick sense of conquest and power that you could ruin a marriage and fuck someone else's wife in the home base of their marriage. Fuck you.

After my wife finally had the decency to admit to her betrayal, instead of backing off, you doubled down on your efforts. You could have easily respected that the person sitting next to you was married, but you didn't. The ultimate validation of your ego would have been to succeed in making her leave me, and since that hadn't been accomplished, you needed to continue. Out of the thousands of women you could have been dating nearby, you wanted to pursue someone else's wife for the challenge and extra validation that gave you.

You lied to my wife that you got an STD test so you could start having unprotected sex even though I already know that had already happened at least once. Then you later had the nerve to admit to her that you lied and laughed about it, as if that was funny. Only a sociopathic narcissist would do that. You gave my wife genital warts and jokingly called her "warty" when you found out and tried to say it must have been from someone else. That's what you do. You have a made up answer to try and explain away anything. I know for a fact that neither of us had ever had sex with anyone else prior to you coercing her into bed. And you had sex with alot of women previously, including telling my wife you saw prostitutes in Brazil, recanting a story about how some Asian lady spit your own cum back into your mouth, Caitlin, and some other woman you had lived with just to name a few. You showed my wife a chest of souvenirs from your previous sexual conquests like a psychopath who keeps mementos of their victims. You would compare my wife to your other women as a way of psychologically manipulating her and getting her to do what you wanted sexually. You fucking ruined the sanctity and purity of our marriage and my wife was just another notch on your belt. Does your current wife know about the painting that my wife regrettably gave you at the height of her limerance? I wouldnt be surprised if it's still around as a keepsake.

The only reason you even got with your current wife today is because I set up the conditions that led to that. If I'd have kicked my wife out after finding out about the affair instead of choosing to reconcile with her (like you had wanted so badly), you'd have continued that relationship with her and wouldn't have dated your wife at all. That's what you wanted. You incessantly worked at getting her to leave me. You pressured her to move out of our home into her own place and keep everything a secret from me. You bought her a book on how to get a divorce. You passed her notes at work and wrote her a long letter trying to scare her away from staying with me. You spoke negatively about me even though you didn't really know me or our history together. When she tried to break things off, you got on your knees and fake cried at her feet. You pathetically begged and pleaded with her in your room, not letting her leave, blocking the door and handing her a weapon so she could feel safe. You're a fucking creep. You met your current wife, whom you described to my wife as "masculine" and not as good looking as my wife on the tail end of the affair. Your current wife was your backup plan you were using as a tool to try and make my wife jealous once you realized that convincing my wife to leave me wasn't working. My wife had come out of her fog and realized what a huge mistake she was making and what a piece of shit you were.

You're a pathetic coward, just like your real Dad who left you when you were a child. When it came time to pay the price for ruining a marriage and I challenged you on the street, you ran screaming into the nearest business. You even screamed my full name just in case you were rendered unconscious so people there could ID me. I've never seen someone so scared shitless in my life. The only reason you hadn't had your face caved in prior to that is because I had a broken collar bone - good luck for you, you fucking weasel. Not even willing to face the consequences of your actions.

During the last weeks of your tenure at the company, when you were losing your grip on my wife, you wrote her a lengthy, multiple page letter, trying to use fear as a manipulation tactic, telling her that she'd look back on her life later on and regret her decision to stay with me. You know what she will regret for the rest of her life? Her choice to deceive, lie to, and betray the one person in her life that was her true life partner and soul mate - me. My wife was ALWAYS my first priority, and you were wrong.

You deserve the very worst that life can throw at you. You're a manipulator and a liar. Everyone in your life, and the public, should be made aware of what a total piece of shit you are. You were even cheating on my wife with another woman while she was cheating on me. I wouldn't be surprised if you've had multiple affairs on your wife without her knowing about any of it. Maybe she does know and stays anyway. I feel sorry for her.

I hope one or both of your kids finds this and learns something from it. If you're reading this because you Googled your scumbag Dad, here's a few words of advice. Never, never, NEVER get into an affair with a married person. Not worth it. Nothing good comes from affairs.

Graham Rios - Dick head
Graham Rios Dickhead

Letter to Graham Rios from the married woman he brainwashed

I deeply regret having anything to do with you. You are a trash person. It is beyond my wildest imagination that I ever had anything to do with you. I have deeply disappointed myself that I ignored all these glaring errors of your personality and allowed myself to only see you for what I needed at that time in my life which was flattery & attention. I most definitely did not love you but rather I loved the cheap, easily distributed flatteries that you were dispensing to not only me, but many other girls at the same time. I am disgusted with myself for my naivety and allowing you to slither into my life and destroy the self-worth of the true person I loved and have loved for years after. He is a far better man than you could ever be and I am beyond grateful that he has spent his life with me given the pain I caused him. If I could do It all over again I would have immediately reported you to HR for harassment, told my husband things you were saying to me and have stopped any flirtatious advances at their inception. My only hope is that someone betrays you in such a way as I did to my loving husband that you are deeply scarred for life and then die the loser that you are.

Quotes on Sociopaths and Narcissists

To gain narcissistic supply through sex is generally very easy for a narcissist to do. The winning formula is this: identify what someone has missing in their life emotionally or some past grievance or unresolved hurt, pretend to be the remedy for that, and many people will automatically trust you and even be extremely attracted to you.

This formula is especially powerful to snare unsuspecting females who have been hurt and struggle to find someone who they believe they can trust. The narcissist feigning "a saviour" to them, appears to be their dream come true in spades. - Melanie Tonia Evans, Narcissistic abuse recovery expert
"When they seduce a married woman, they are not only conquering that person's heart but also "taking her" from another man. To psychopaths this represents a double conquest and therefore also a double defeat of their victims: both of the person they dupe into loving them and of the person they both cheat on. The thrill of seducing married individuals, to manipulate and hurt not only a given target, but also her significant other and family, often proves irresistible to psychopaths, fueling their false sense of superiority, power and invincibility." - Claudia Moscovici, psychopathyawareness "We do not pay heed to the stability that some relationships acquire through the passage of time. What we see instead is someone who must be bored with the same routine (because of course we become bored easily and therefore judge others in a similar vein) but our magical thinking means they cannot possibly become bored with us. Whilst we may not play the abuse card, we still see this person as stuck in a rut, fed-up, in need of spice and adventure and of course as the dazzling whirlwind that we are, we arrive and provide that all." - HG Tudor, self proclaimed narcissist "People always have something to complain about with regard to their spouse. Whether it is significant or trivial, we will count on these facts and uncover them and use them to our advantage. We will heighten our attractiveness based on this and denigrate the spouse's unattractive trait. Of course this is just part of the lying and mirroring that we do." - HG Tudor, self proclaimed narcissist "We worm our way in as a wonderful friend, but this is a mere staging post as we hurtle towards bedding them and making them an Intimate Partner Secondary Source. They may be a Dirty Little Secret, a colleague who we rut in the empty offices at work or who scurries away from their spouse under the pretence of attending the gym before meeting is in the back of our car in a shadowy car park. We may bring you into our world, letting you meet friends and family, seeing you intermittently, content to show you our enticing world and then place you on the shelf, leaving you longing for more, pining for us at weekends when you must be with your family." - HG Tudor, self proclaimed narcissist "We go all out to smear your spouse, entice you and roll out all our dazzling illusions to show you that you need to leave him, be free and be yourself but with us. We will coax, cajole and entice, showing your the forbidden fruits and the liberation that awaits you at our supposedly benevolent rescuing hand. The more we smear your innocent spouse and the more we shower you with the love-bombing, your resistance will erode." - HG Tudor, self proclaimed narcissist

Resources For Betrayed Spouses

The following links are some of my favorite resources about healing from infidelity and the tactics and techniques used by spouse poachers, narcissists, and psychopaths.

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